About Us

The Pewter Company has an array of products to Enhance your life.

Our pewter Collection extends from serving sets designed for bowls and platters to oversized basins coupled with wrought iron stands.

We have platters and trays, cake stands and servers, punch bowls with ladles, salad sets including bowls, tossers and plates, wine coasters and toppers, chip-n-dip trays, bread trays, spreaders and ice buckets with scoops. Each of these pieces come in a variety of Patterns including swirls, dots, mother of pearl, fleur de lis, grapes, cabbage, floral, seafood, seasonal, classic and contemporary. Now,..... that's Entertainment!

For the kitchen, we offer Essentials such as stainless steel, double walled mixing bowls, iron cookbook stands, colored glass canister sets, stainless steel water pitchers, and gorgeous fleur de lis gumbo spoons.

Our Home Decor department includes vases, frames, candle plates, towel bars, decorative hooks, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and containers made from mediums such as polished aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized tin, copper, ceremic, glass and iron.

With Phenomenal Prices ranging from below $5 to above $75, our pewter is Perfect for gift giving, complimenting a collection, dressing up a party or just adding Sparkle to your home.

With an acute emphasis on presentation, our show display is both Delightful and Alluring. Embrace the Charm by giving us a try.


We're The Pewter Company,
and for us....it's not just a business,
it's a Passion.